The scientists of the Ohio State University have found out that men think of sex approximately 34 times a day. But also women are not innocent: they dream of having sex approximately 19 times a day.
But what do women imagine, when they fantasize about sex? What kind of wishes do they have? What do they want in bed... or maybe somewhere else? On the table? In the lift? In the office?
British Prof. Brett Kahr dealt with these and similar issues. To find the answers, he has questioned nearly 20,000 men and women and has found out the following top 5 of the most popular sex fantasies of women:
1. Power and Surrender
25 per cent of all women find the power-and-surrender-game extremely exciting and engaging. The scientists have found out that it is one of the most frequent female sex fantasies, which is experienced in the reality pretty often. Not only the obsequiousness, but also the dominance belongs to the most favorite female dreams. In the everyday life the roles are often so distributed that a man bears more responsibilities and take more things over control, that is why women are often really fascinated to give orders. Some women enjoy the moment when they are the only ones to control the situation.
However, please bear in mind: not each and every dream can and should come true, some fantasies should remain fantasies. For example, some women fantasize about being raped, but of course they don't want to be raped in the reality.
2. Threesome
Group sex is one of the most exciting sex fantasies. The interesting fact is that only 10 per cent of all women and 60 per cent of men fantasize about a threesome. It is not surprising, because by participation of several people  there is a possibility of intensive stimulation of a few erogenous zones at the same time.
3. Voyeurism
22% of all women find fantastic to be observed by someone while doing it. The ladies admit that they would love to experience this dream.

4. Sex with a stranger
To the most popular female sex fantasies belongs sex with a stranger. Women truly love the idea of the anonymity and find possible orgasms very exciting and thrilling.
Life is one, live it well! Live your dreams!