Six Types of Sex Every Woman Dreams Of

Six Types of Sex Every Woman Dreams Of
It doesn't really matter, if it is just sex or a realtionship, I guess all of us want to make his(her) partner happy in bed or at least satisfy them sexually. Probabaly lots of guys have asked themselves," What kind of sex is my girlfriend/wife/woman is dreaming of? What sexual fantasies does she have? What would she like to try?"

There is no doubt, tastes and preferneces of every girl are unique. Nevertheless scientists have found out six kinds of sex, every woman dreams of.

Spontaneous sex

For example, 7 minutes on the washing machine, in the lift, in the garage, on the balcony, the place doesn't actually matter! Important is that both are overwhelmed by lust and desire at the moment and dedicate themselves to the passion.

Hard sex

Women love male dominance, even if it should be just a role play. Each and every  good girl adores the idea of being taken by a very strong man, she gets wet while thinking of his strong arms, animal passion and „hard arguments“. Even if it's just a game, he can find his complete expression in his proactive role of a conqueror and she can just enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Sex with a stranger

The key of this fantasy is to seduce an appealing stranger and never see him agian, in order that you don't have to explain him that "it's not you style" and "it was an exception". A woman is triggered by the idea of not knowing anything about this good-looking guy, who is "eating" her right now. She loves the moment and him at that moment, then she'll close the door, leave and keep the exciting memories in her mind.. And on her tongue ;)
Sex with a hero

Zorro or Batman? Or the pretty boy from the bar or from the party she were staring at the whole evenig long? He was so hot and she woudl love to seduce this handsome man and disappear in the morning, as if that has never happened.

Romantic sex

Definitely not a bad idea: Candles, roses, the exquisite and delicious dinner, a long foreplay on the Egyptian silk, enticing underwear, love confessions and lots of passion.

He + she + her friend    

Friendship has no time-outs. "Being freinds" means always and everywhere. This kind of sex is quite risky, but just because of it it's such a thrill ;)

One more question remains: How do you recognise which kind of sex wishes your girlfriend/ wife/partner?

It is quite simple! Her wish depends on her mood and her mood – on you ;)